Capacity building in the Solomon Islands to enhance leatherback sea turtle conservation (2014-2015)

Pacific leatherback turtle populations have declined alarmingly over the past 25 years, and for management and recovery efforts to be effective, obtaining accurate estimates of current abundance and distribution of critical habitats is essential. In some locations there are summer nesting turtles which remain unstudied and which are of particular interest to conservationists today, as…

Science-based expansion of the tri-national turtle corridor, Sulu Sulawesi Seascape (2014-2016)

This project entails four inter-linked components to further the understanding of the biology and ecology of sea turtles in the SSME, upon which National policy decisions and the expansion of the Tri-National Network of Protected Areas may be based. Each component addresses critical biological and reproductive traits of turtles that have previously not been studied in the SSME, and together they form a cohesive research programme which complements National projects within the Sulu Sulawesi Tri-National Sea Turtle Corridor initiative

Gorgon Gas Project, Western Australia (2013-present)

Dr. Nicolas Pilcher, Executive Director of MRF, was appointed as an Independent Member of the Expert Panel comprising State and Commonwealth government department, subject matter experts and Chevron Australia representatives to guide the development of the Gorgon Gas Project with respect to the continued protection of endangered sea turtles nesting and foraging within the vicinity…

Reproductive Biology of Endangered Marine Turtles under Extreme Climatic Conditions, Qatar (2013-2016)

Nesting populations have been well documented in the Arabian Gulf, but scant information exists on foraging populations. Data on this dominant phase of their live cycle are critical to determine how turtle populations will be influenced by various natural (e.g. climate change) and anthropogenic (e.g. fishery pressure) stresses. Unfortunately, there is no published information for Arabian Gulf turtle sex ratios in the wild or on the population dynamics with regard to growth, survival and sex ratios, and no descriptions of non-adult components of the populations. These data are crucial for understanding the status of turtles in those life stages least studied by modern science

Development of Oil and Gas Industrial Base at Kg. Rancha-Rancha, Labuan, Malaysia (2013-2014)

The marine ecology component of the Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) was undertaken by MRF on behalf of Chemsain Konsultant Sdn Bhd for the Development of Oil and Gas Industrial Base Project commissioned by the Labuan Corporation. The project involved a reclamation development as part of a larger development area of the Rancha-Rancha Integrated Port,…