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MRF was contracted by Chemsain Konsultant Sdn Bhd to contribute the marine ecology component of the Marine Environmental Baseline Study for the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment – Block SK317B, Pelangi-1 Offshore Exploration Drilling Campaign, commissioned by Total Exploration & Drilling Malaysia.

MRF was contracted to identify, analyse and describe marine features (coral reefs, seagrasses, fisheries and other key marine lifeforms at the two offshore sites sites. Marine features were to be marked, mapped and documented. Other important marine based economic activities encountered during the survey were also to be highlighted.

Example-SS-03MRF was also tasked with conducting surveys and interviews with fishermen and relevant stakeholders, particularly the Department of Fisheries to describe and determine the importance of the fishery industry in the area, and to identify important fishing ground area in nearby vicinity and list of typical catches (species composition, characteristics, and average catches, and convert image information into individual GIS layers.

MRF was also tasked with determining the potential impacts of the drilling activities on the marine ecosystem, and to propose appropriate mitigating measures and monitoring programmes to minimise the anticipated impacts.