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MRF was contracted by URS Qatar LLC (URS) on behalf of Dolphin Energy to conduct a turtle nesting and hatchling monitoring survey in Ras Laffan Industrial City within 1500m either side of the Dolphin pipeline Right of Way (ROW).

URS required the services of Dr. Nicholas Pilcher in the capacity of the Scientific Advisor for this project providing advice on project design, the training of personnel conducting turtle and hatchling monitoring activities and overall project quality management. In addition, Dr Pilcher would be responsible for providing interpretation of results, and assisting with project reporting.

RLIC Jun 07 - 241Specific activities as part of this project included:

A visit to Doha is required spanning the end of March and the beginning of April 2008 for 6-8 days to provide training to URS personnel on monitoring the beach to identify turtles tracks and nests; measuring and weighing female turtles; counting turtle eggs and hatchlings and identifying the condition of turtle eggs and hatchling success rates; nest protection and data recording.

MRF also provided two research assistants to monitor throughout the nesting and hatching season (from April to August 2008). and two ATV motorcycles and all necessary research and monitoring equipment for the project. In addition, MRF was responsible for implementing a light impacts study, trialing light shade(s) to shield hatchlings from artificial light sources.