The Abu Dhabi Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) indicated its intention to develop and establish a comprehensive conservation programme for marine turtles as part of is commitment to the core values of the TDIC, namely environmental sustainability, progressive partnerships, cultural stewardship and enhancement and socio-economic viability.

MRF was contracted to further pursue the concepts of the programme, including direct liaisons with developers and TDIC project partners and their engineers, a site visit to identify key habitats, conservation opportunities and challenges, which would contribute and lead to the development of a holistic conservation, research, management and awareness programme for marine turtles in the Emirate.

MRF convened a series of meetings with project partners on Saadiyat Island and their engineers, so that impending developments could take into account turtle-friendly construction and lighting management issues.
Secondary the project included a site visit to the key turtle habitats off the coast of Abu Dhabi, namely Saadiyat Island, Sir Bani Yas Island, Dalma Island and the Discovery Islands. Lastly, detailed discussions will be held on potential sites for a rehabilitation center, and on initial TDIC visions of what the center’s objectives and operating mode will comprise.

Abu Dhabi Nov 08 0035