What is a TED?

A Turtles Excluder Device (TED) is a device inserted into shrimp trawl nets to reduce accidental bycatch of turtles.

TEDs consist of a frame, usually oval, with vertical bars set at precise spacing that allows shrimp and fish to pass through and collect in the net while turtles and other large objects are forced out through a flap system. These TEDs are fixed within a trawl net and allow a fishermans catch to be retained while turtles are excluded.

TEDs can create benefits for both fisherman and the marine environment by reducing bycatch, fuel costs and damages, improving catch quality and increasing sustainability of fisheries and marine diversity.

How does it work?

Click on the image to see how the TED excludes turtles


TEDs were first developed in the USA and are now used in regions all over the world. Learn more about TED usage, regulations and Shrimp fisheries with our interactive map.

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